For the last 10+ years we have been providing both Residential & Commercial Clients with various Handyman work (Non-Structual), for a few of our Services that we do provide, please see our below list;

- Gutter Cleaning

- Replacement of Cracked Roof Tiles

- Installation & Repairs to Leaf Stopper/ Gutter Guard

- Mould Removal & Ventilation Installation

- Deck & Fencing Repairs (Small)

- Gyprock Repairs

- Carpentry & Paving Repairs (Deck, Gate & Fence Repairs)

- Small Plumbing Jobs (Tap Washers, new Flick mixers, Cisterns, Vanity Repairs, Shower/Bath Repairs etc)

- Repair & Install of new/exisiting Flyscreens

- Light Globe Replacements (some small electrical work)

- Painting Jobs (small only)

- Rubbish Removal Jobs- Small (Excluding Tip Fees)

- General Property Maintenance

If you would like to know more about the different services that we can provide, please feel free to email us at or Call us directly on (02) 9449 2948 and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.