Termite treatments to most homes can be divided into 2 main categories,



This is where a termiticide chemical is applied to form a continuous barrier which either repels termites (Repellant Barrier) or will affect the termites when they pass through the treated zone (Non Repellant Barrier) .

In theory these barriers are great for controlling termites , but in practice , they are difficult to install.

Invariably damage to finished surfaces such as tiles , timber floors over concrete slabs and the need to lift carpets or other floor coverings will occur , because of the need to drill into floor slabs , paths or pavers to form the continuous barrier.

Even having done the best job possible , there is still an element of doubt as to whether the chemical barrier is complete , because we have no idea what shortcuts the builder may have taken during the construction of your home.


Termite Baiting has become the preferred method of controlling termites in and around homes for most pest control firms.

The advatages of baiting systems over chemical barriers:

  • Environmentally Friendly - Bait is only used where termites are active.
  • Eliminates the termite nest - A termite nest may be up to 50 - 100 metres from your home.
  • No need to cause damage to any finished surfaces not already damaged by termites.
  • Minimal chemical useage - when termite infestation is eliminated all termite bait is removed.
  • Safe for pets , non target insects , people and the environment
  • On going monitoring means that your home is well looked after.

For more information on termite baiting go to WWW.EXTERRA.COM.AU.


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